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I have got a new letter today. it didn't have the sender's name and address.... I open it. And the letter wrote...

'love and miss you

Dad, Mom, Dum auntie, Piak auntie'

My dear family, not that I complain. Since this is the very FIRST letter from MY FAMILY ever since i come to China... I'm... err... glad.... but... it waste the stamp and paper just WRITE THAT ONE SENTENCE! D:

Next time you should at least let everyone write something. And i REMEMBER that was MOM'S HANDWRITING ON EVERY NAME! DX

or maybe you can make it longer by.... add more names? I think you forgot to write the names of my other 3 uncles and my other 5 cousin and also 2 aunties in German D:


I'm sorry, but that really made me laugh XD

Reminds me of my grandma, whenever she sends me birthday cards I can tell the handwriting isn't hers (it's my uncle's wife's).
its ok lol... i laugh too XD

hahaha sometimes they think we never know XD XD
Ö_Ö Lol.
Somehow that's very sweet from your family, but I understand what you think about a... letter for a... WHOLE SENTENCE! >XD''
Family can be strange sometimes, ne? Ö-Ö
my family is always like this XD XD they're so weired. No wonder they have a weired kid like me
lol sweet, yes XD XD they just didn't know what to write
Hahahaha~ in a sense...u have a cute family XD~
lol thank you

cute and weired ;)
Your art is the shit. <3 Can I friend? I write yaoismut. XD

January 2009

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