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friend only

Friend-only..... comment to be added....

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Hiya there! I'm a rabid Bya/Ren fangirl and because I noticed that you're one too, I simply must friend you!!
Hi! [waves] I'm lao_hu and I friended you because I see we have a few friends and interests in common.

I am a fan of most anime and manga, I love yaoi, I am learning Japanese (and sometimes I translate), and I love tigers. You can visit my profile page if you want; that explains my interests fairly well. Nice to meet you.
I'm Kibs from Y!gallery or Shuchi/kiboo-chan from DA. ^_^
Hope we can become LJ friends too.
Hello ^^
I'm wondering if you could add me because I'd really love to see your art. I'm of legal age, from finland, and have just recently started to poke at bya/ren stuff
sure thing. But i dont post many ByakuRen stuff lately ^^ll
ahh you have LJ too? *A*;

since you won't update your DA anymore and I can't log in to y!g.. I'll add your LJ nee. Hope you don't mind >_<

this fujiyuzuru@DA or yuzu@y!g =D
Hi :D

I found your LJ through yaoi_daily, and saw that you like the vampire chronicles, as well as, of course, yaoi!

I've friended you, if that's okay?

I'm online now and then, as i'm busy with university, but I try to make time for all my lj friends :D
Yay new yaoi friend XD *adds*


my name is Ruuna(aka Kurisutina)i'm a girl(19) and i love yaoi this is not my lj that i'm on it is my freind but he never really use it that much at all so i'm take it over seen he let me get in to this things plus he dose't liek write at all and he gay well bi b/c of rease that i only know why he bi but me i belive he alot mroe gay then he think ect but i love my friend his name is nick(aka kitty)i call him kitty alot i send him latters tho the real mail but he never send me any mail at all he sitll in school(sorry that this si long)and he all so works alot so i have't got to talk to him for a few weeks ect anyways befor this get any longer his lj or i should say own lj is goign to be freinds only soon but i'm sitll work on a theme for him for his lj it going to be a loveless theme i only have the wallpaper for it so far and i wsih there was a way i could get more then 6 icons for his lj but i never have any moeny to pay for the lj etc anyways i guess this is all if he write in his lj then it will be none friends but if i write in it then it will be post as freinds only plus i put my name at the end of every post anyways well this is all(i'm really sorry that this got longer then i want it)i hope u add my lj(well he dose't use it anymore so it kind of mine now lol it will just be esay to say tha it is mine lol)to your friends list

Me? This yuzu, I've changed my LJ account-- I'll re-add you now :D
*0* I didn't know you were here. As I don't keep up a lot with DA/ Y! hope this is okay?
*O* OH SUNSHEE!! YOU'RE ON LJ!! *adds*



Good site, thanks! APosterTest





I have just friended you. I am newly converted to Bleach and since Byaren is a fave pairing I'd love to see your fanart.

Re: *waves*

Added you back :3

but... I'm sorry I don't draw much Bleach fanart anymore~ I might disappointed you
Hi :-)
I've seen on the Bya_Ren community that you've posted many fanarts, but I can't see them, and I'm really curious (since I write ByaRen fanfics)
Maybe I could see them directly on your Journal ??
Thank you ^^
...I had to hover over links to figure out which one to click o.O;

Anyway! ^-^ I'm Shini from bya_ren. I've been going through the list to find what stories I want to read/print off for later reading, and all of yours are completely friend-locked ;-;

I was just going to pass them by, but an icon of yours caught my eye, and anyone who knows me, knows I'm an icon-whore. ^^; The title of it was "BO BO BO BO BO: Renjivamp" ...I'd like to be able to see that pic (in it's entirety, and obviously, read the fiction I'm missing out on ^-^;
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